The man accused of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old student in his ACT school in the past month is the man who was charged in the case, the boy’s family and police say.

Police in New South Wales say the incident was reported in late October.

“The boy has been a student of the Technical School of Australia in Sydney since he was 14 years old and was a good student,” Detective Superintendent Michael Dutton said.

The man has been charged with sexually assaulting the boy in his primary school in New Brunswick on October 6.

He was remanded in custody on $100,000 bail.

But the boy is not the only student who is now being accused of the alleged crime.

His father told ABC News the boy has not been back to school in more than three weeks and he has been told by police that he will be placed in a detention centre for up to six months.

Family members have been calling for the man to be charged, saying he is “not a victim” and has abused his position of power.

What do we know about the alleged sexual assault?

Police allege the man, who is still a teacher at the Technical school, abused the boy and his friends at the school on October 7.

They say the man sexually assaulted the boy while his friend watched on.

According to a report by police, the school security officer had noticed the man and his friend sitting in a “disgusting” position, and that the man had pulled down his pants.

Investigators say the boy was in tears when they arrived and told the officer he did not want to go to police.

Detectives say the security officer called a police hotline, and the man was arrested.

Detective Superintendent Dutton says he does not believe the man will be charged because he has “abused his position” and is not a victim.

Why are parents concerned?

Parents are concerned about the boy who was allegedly assaulted.

Many are angry with the school for not informing them of the allegations, and they have said the boy should not be at school, especially if he has health issues.

“[It’s] not right.

There are children that need a school to learn and be safe,” one parent said.

“The teacher is a good teacher and a good man, and his children are doing well in the school, but this is wrong and I will not be happy with that.”

What can parents do?

Some parents are calling for more information from the school.

Some say it is important that the school is made aware of the incident and that staff are given support.

However, they say the teacher has not spoken to the boy since the alleged assault.

Others are concerned that the boy could become a victim of other students.

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