It’s an image of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee on a screen at a school’s campus, which has become a meme in recent months as tech-savvy users have turned to the city for tech talent and advice.

But it’s a mistake.

Milwaukee Tech is a fake school.

We’re not in Milwaukee.

It’s a fake.

Milwaukee is not in Wisconsin.

The school, known for its “wonderful learning environment,” has been operating in a real place, located in the Milwaukee suburb of Wauwatosa for nearly a decade.

In fact, the school is located in a small town called Wauwaukosh.

Wauwaaukos school board has been actively promoting the school as a place where students from all around the state can study and learn from each other, said school board member and Milwaukee native Mark Cusimano, who has been involved in the school’s recruitment efforts since 2011.

“We’re going to have some really smart, smart people come in,” he said.

The Milwaukee Tech site has been updated several times since it launched in March 2015.

Its homepage has changed from a picture of a computer lab to a screen with a map of the city.

But the school still appears to be a fake, with a “Wauwatos” logo and a generic logo for a tech company.

A fake school doesn’t have to be an actual school, Cusicano said.

“There are many fake schools, but the Wauworthos is the only one we have,” he added.

“There are some schools that have a very successful program that has students coming from around the world,” Cusiman said.

Wauworthoos principal Jim Wauford has been promoting the Milwaukee Tech as a school for many years.

(Photo: Chris Bergin/The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)Wauwaunos school district has partnered with the school to promote the school and other programs, according to the school board’s Facebook page.

“It’s been a really fun and fulfilling experience and we’re looking forward to seeing the positive impact it has on the entire community,” WauWauWos principal Jim Cusimo said in a statement.

“I can say that I have a great deal of confidence in the skills and expertise that we’ve brought to the Wausauos community.”

In addition to being a fake university, the Milwaukee Technical School is a complete and utter fraud.

I don’t even know what it’s about, and that’s what I hope the community is seeing, Cisimano said in an interview.

“The school is so misleading.

It has no affiliation to any university.”

Wisconsin Technical Schools is one of the most popular fake universities in the country.

It is also the site of several recent scandals, including an investigation by the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel in February 2015 into the school that has since been shut down.

The school has also been the target of a series of cyberbullying and bullying complaints against the students it recruits and coaches.

Cusimino said he and his team have been working to keep the school from hurting the community and students.

“They’re very passionate about the program, and we don’t want the community to feel like it’s being hurt by it,” he told the Journal Sentinel.

“I think the whole thing is really silly,” said Cusimi.

“It’s an attempt to get attention.

We have a long history of bringing in good people from all over the world to the Milwaukee area.

And we’re just trying to provide that.”

Wauwaaunos, however, is not the only school with a fake logo.

A Google search for “Milwaukee Technical Schools” returns hundreds of results that resemble the Milwaukee tech campus.

And Cusimon said that the school could be even worse.

“We have to get past that, and just start looking at the positives,” he concluded.

“And the positives are that this is a good school, and a good program.”