A US military school has cancelled the entry of two of its students who were accused of being involved in the alleged sexual assault of a senior female student in Vietnam last year.

The two were arrested in October but have since been released.

They were also barred from entering the US for the duration of their court martial, a spokesperson for the US military’s training academy told the Associated Press.

The students were charged with sexually assaulting a 19-year-old woman at a military training facility in Vietnam in February 2016.

The woman, who has not been named, told investigators she had been sexually assaulted at a training facility at Hanoi’s military airport.

“We are very disappointed that the military has taken this action,” said John D’Amico, vice president for communications at the US Army College of Military Science.

“The Department of Defense has always taken a very strong stance against sexual assault and this action is a disappointment to us.”

The two students were arrested during a routine traffic stop in November 2016.

They are now out of the country and the military says it has no plans to re-arrest them.

Haney Technical School declined to comment on the cancellation.

The school’s statement said it is reviewing the matter.

The AP has not independently confirmed the students’ accusations.

They told investigators they were involved in a relationship with a fellow student, but the investigation into their relationship had been dropped because of the “political climate” in the country.

The US military is struggling to keep up with the rising number of sexual assaults in the ranks.

A report last year by the Pentagon’s inspector general said there were nearly 1,000 incidents of sexual assault, some of them perpetrated by soldiers who had been enlisted and not yet deployed, as of March 2018.

It said that number has been rising by more than 2,000 since then, but declined to provide any specific numbers on the number of complaints filed by female troops.

The Pentagon also said in April that sexual assault was the top priority for the military, with more than 1,500 allegations of sexual misconduct filed with the department between January and March.

It did not provide any specifics about the number or the nature of those complaints.