IGN is celebrating its fifth anniversary with a special edition of IGN The Last Of Us Part 2, a review of the original game that takes place in an alternate timeline, and we’ve got some behind-the-scenes information to help you get caught up.

The game’s art director, Yutaka Okubo, told IGN that the new art style will be “more expressive” and “more realistic.”

This will give the game a “more cinematic feel,” he said.

We’ve also got a brief look at some of the new characters in the game, including Joel, Ellie, and a new character named Naughty.

We’ll also be hearing more about Naughty’s backstory, which will have us asking ourselves whether or not she’s actually a survivor of the first game.

Okubos’ statement didn’t clarify exactly how Naughty came to be in the story.

IGN’s own Ben Kuchera also gave a preview of Naughty: “In the game you play as Naughty, a girl with superpowers and a special knack for killing zombies, but also a girl who is also a survivor.

She’s been trapped in a hospital and she’s trying to help her friends escape.”

Naughty has the ability to teleport around the game world, and she can shoot and heal using her special powers.

It’s important to note that this is a prequel to the first installment, and the new Naughty is far more capable and powerful than the previous Naughty in the first entry.

She can shoot bullets, heal herself, and shoot zombies with her special abilities.

We don’t know much about Napty, though, so we’ll have to wait until the game launches to find out more.

We’ll have more on Naughty as we get closer to the game’s release date.

We will also be bringing you more on the gameplay in Part II, including our impressions of Ellie’s abilities and Naughty using her abilities to fend off enemies.