Not a bad beginning for a new student in a field of engineering?

Not for students from a school in Darwin’s technical trade school.

The student who attended Flagler Technical School on the Sunshine Coast last year is the latest to say that they “liked” academic success.

Key points:The school has been working to attract a more diverse student population, and students are embracing the school’s approach”It is a real eye opener for us to see people who are not normally interested in this kind of thing coming in to the school,” said Flagler College academic Dr Mark Bickley.

“They’re interested in what we do and they’re interested to be involved in this and that’s what they’re really excited about.”

The school’s chief executive Dr Mark Bowen said the school had been working on a strategy to attract more Indigenous students, particularly Indigenous students from regional communities.

“There’s no doubt that the school is one of the more diverse areas of tertiary education in Australia,” Dr Bowen said.

“We have had students from all backgrounds, some with disabilities and some with special needs, some who come to the institution with learning disabilities, and some who do not.”

The student, who will be entering the Engineering and Technology Management Certificate (ETMC) program in June, said she was impressed with the school.

“It’s an absolute pleasure to be in this program and I’m really pleased with what we’ve got to offer,” she said.

The school will now be focusing on creating a more inclusive environment for students.

Dr Bowen said they were also working to bring students from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander backgrounds to the campus.

“The school is very keen to create opportunities for those students to have access to programs,” he said.

“The next thing we’re going to do is look at creating an opportunity for students with disabilities to have an opportunity to work in the STEM fields.”

If you look at the diversity in the world, and the diversity of students coming through the university, there are a lot of students who are disabled, who have learning disabilities and are interested in working in science.