Toyota Technical College, one of the largest engineering schools in the country, will offer a scholarship for anyone who can show that they can learn to use technology and create games with the help of “digital natives” to improve their craft.

The move comes as the automotive industry struggles to find ways to recruit and retain digital natives who are increasingly used to playing games online and have the technology skills to do so.

Toyota has been one of several automotive manufacturers that has made investments in the field, including a $1.8 billion deal to acquire video game developer Zynga in October.

The deal, known as the Zyngas Garage, is now in its fourth year and aims to attract more than 400,000 students from across the globe, many of whom are tech savvy.

The program, dubbed the Toyota Tech Center, will be led by a digital natives expert and will begin enrolling students in May, according to Toyota spokeswoman Jennifer Stauffer.

“This is a significant milestone for Toyota Tech, which has been leading the way in innovation, as it seeks to enhance the education of its digital natives through the use of innovative, hands-on learning,” Staufer said.

“We look forward to continuing our work to further improve our digital natives education through the Toyota Garage.”