Google has just announced the launch of its new data centre in Bergen, the Netherlands, and will be installing new machines in the city later this year.

The company said that it has invested €200 million in the facility to serve the needs of Google’s cloud computing and storage businesses.

Google said that the new machine will be able to handle more data than existing facilities in the Bergen market, which will help it expand to new markets and meet future growth requirements.

Google said in a statement that it will be building a new facility in Berglund, in the northern part of the Netherlands.

Bergen is the largest city in the Netherlands and the second largest city after Amsterdam.

Google’s new data centres are located in the former home of the former Dutch Air Force base, which is now part of Google X.

Bergen will be the latest of several new data centers being built by Google in the coming years.

Google has also announced that it plans to open a new data center in the southern Netherlands, in Leiden, in 2021.

At the time of writing, Google’s Amsterdam data centre is not yet live, but its first test is slated to begin next month.