Allenton, Pennsylvania (Reuters) – In the face of a looming bankruptcy, a small business owner in Allentonia, Pennsylvania, hopes to open a school for students, with a new building and a new school cafeteria that he hopes will attract high school students.

The students will be able to choose to live at the new facility, a new, state-of-the-art school in the city, or attend a nearby public school, said Paul Goss, the owner of the Goss Engineering Group, which will build the new building, which he said will be open by the end of the year.

Goss is planning to open the new school at the end, but he said he could only start construction by the middle of the summer.

“This is a big deal, and it’s something we have been working on for years,” Goss said.

Gross said he has hired about 50 people, and is still negotiating with the state of Pennsylvania over funding for the school.

The state had offered to contribute about $30 million for the project, but Goss declined.

He said he will be ready for the students to start school in late fall, when they will have access to a public school.

“We’re not going to wait until the end,” Gosse said.

“I’m going to do everything in my power to get the school opened and get the students enrolled in it by the summer of 2020.”

Goss has said he would like to open schools in other parts of the state, but so far has focused on Allentony.

He has also asked for the state to pay for a building for the new space, and to pay back the $5 million the state had spent to refurbish the school building, Goss told Reuters.

In June, the state announced a $10 million bond to cover costs of the renovation of the school, and $1 million for a new cafeteria.

The $10-million bond was issued by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and Infrastructure, which also issued the $1-million bonds.

Gose said he plans to use the $2 million from the bond to pay off debt from the previous school.

Gots school is in a large, renovated brick building on the edge of town, on a hilltop overlooking the Delaware River.

It will be part of the Allentonian Development Corporation, which is the state’s public school improvement program.

The building will be equipped with a cafeteria and a small library, Gose told Reuters in an interview on Friday.

He plans to add a basketball court, a fitness center and a student center.

The school will have an outdoor basketball court that will be used by the students, he said.

The project also will provide space for the city’s school district to hire about 1,500 new teachers, he added.

Gains new school is not the only new development at the school site, but it is a major step in the plan to open more than 1,000 new jobs in the area, Gossey said.

Allentnyan Development Corporation has built a new 1,300-seat arena in the town, where a high school has been for years, and has started work on a new 7,000-seat gymnasium.

The arena will have a basketball field, and the new gymnasia will be a separate building, and Goss hopes to get permission to build a gymnasio-resort-type facility for a public high school.

That gymnasite will include a fitness room, a gym and two indoor courts, he told Reuters, adding that a new basketball court will be built on the site for the AllENTONNEC arena.

He also wants to add several restaurants, a hotel, a movie theater, a retail store and a community center.

Gosselson said that while his company is looking for construction workers and construction crews to help with the project in the coming months, it is also hoping to recruit teachers, to help create new jobs and help make the town economically viable.

(Reporting by Brianne Hall in Washington, D.C.; Editing by Rosalind Russell)