The technical school at the University of Florida’s Englewood campus has banned all students from taking off their shorts, saying they are too hot.

Englemont Technical School in Engleville announced the decision on Thursday after a student in an online forum said she was uncomfortable with the way the school dress codes students.

“It’s very, very hot here, we’re not letting you wear shorts.

You’re not welcome to wear shorts,” the student wrote on the forum.

“If you want to wear them, you can wear them in the gym, but you’re not going to be allowed to wear any shorts outside of the gym.”

The student, who asked to remain anonymous, wrote that she had been wearing shorts since she was a freshman and that she wore them in public.

She also said that she didn’t know how to use the computer.

“I just want to be able to do my work and not have to worry about being in shorts.

I don’t want to worry that I’m going to get caught,” she wrote.

The school said the policy had been in place for about a year, and that it was a way to make the school “more welcoming to students of all backgrounds and backgrounds.”

The school said students could wear shorts for “essential purposes” such as showering, using the restroom and using school property.

The school did not specify what those essential purposes might be.

Englymont Technical Schools told The Washington Post that it had been looking into the issue for about six months.

In a statement, the school said it had received a number of complaints from students about shorts and that the school was taking the issue seriously.

“We have an ongoing conversation with our students and are working to make changes that address concerns,” the statement said.

“Students are not allowed any clothing that is not appropriate for their attire.”