Students from the technical schools are among the best performers in England and Wales, according to a survey by UK-based firm IBISWorld.

The report ranked the best performing schools based on how well they are preparing their pupils to compete in the global economy.

IBIS World, which tracks and measures the performance of all aspects of higher education, found that the schools with the most students at the top of the education rankings were:Barton Technical School, where the UK’s second-highest ranking student was placed in 2014Barton College, which won the 2014 UK High School Challenge for ExcellenceBarton School, a new academy at Bournemouth University that aims to improve learning in the UKBarton Institute, which has over 20,000 students in four different subjects in EnglandBarton, which was founded by the former Labour Prime Minister Sir Jeremy CorbynBarton was one of the UKs biggest employers in 2015 and 2016Barton had the UK sixth highest percentage of graduates in the last academic yearBarton is a joint venture of Bournet College, the University of Breslau and the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge.