about kaynor technical schools article By Caroline WilliamsA group of high school students from Anchorage Technical College is protesting in solidarity with students from Teterboro Technical College.

The students, who are also students at Teterborough, are holding a sit-in in front of the school this afternoon, with the intention of protesting the school’s closure.

They are asking students to sign an online petition and sign a petition calling for an end to the closure.

The school has been closed since January, when the county began enforcing the new state law that banned schools from opening during the first week of January.

Anchorage Technical is home to a number of students who are in the military and the Anchorage Police Department.

In a statement, the students said the closure has left them feeling unsafe and scared.

They added that the closure was a direct result of the state’s decision to shut down schools during the holiday season.

The Anchorage School District said in a statement that they are committed to providing safe and caring environments for all students.

“It is imperative that our school district and students remain safe and supportive of each other and the community.

All students are expected to follow the School District’s School Code of Conduct and Student Code of Ethics,” the statement said.