On the surface, nursing school enrolments in NSW have been on the rise, with the number of places available to enrol NSW nurses growing from 6,895 to 7,898 between January and June 2018.

This week, the National Council of Nursing (NCN) released figures showing the number was at its highest level since November 2016.

A lot of these places were set aside for the older students in nursing school.

But some of those were also set aside as the state’s economy struggled.

Nurse shortage NSW has struggled for years with a shortage of nursing teachers.

The numbers are up nationally with only 723 vacancies across the state.

A shortage of nurses is one of the biggest challenges in the nursing profession.

One in five students in NSW is enrolled in a nursing school, but there is little opportunity for those students to get involved in the profession, the NCN says.

And it’s not just the nursing school that has a shortage, with more than 30 per cent of all nursing students from primary to nursing are enrolled in another education, the NCA says.

The figures show the number is also increasing in secondary schools, with about 20 per cent more places available for students than they were in the past two years.

It’s not only students that have trouble finding places.

More than half of nursing students say they have had to take on a part-time role.

“The demand for nursing students is on the increase, with a large number of NSW primary and secondary students in the need of a full-time nursing student,” NCC president Dr Michelle McKeown said.

This year the NCC will be convening an expert panel to review how the state is managing its nursing school population.

Ms McKeon said she believed the numbers were on the decline, but would welcome any changes to the way the state was managing nursing school numbers.

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