The Vancouver Technical Schools (VTS) is an independent and non-profit educational institute.

It is one of the only public schools in Canada to be accredited by the Accreditation Council for Independent Schools (ACIS).

VTS operates in the City of Vancouver, with two campuses in the Downtown Eastside and East Vancouver.

The VTS has over 1,400 students and offers over 30 degrees in various subjects including computer science, engineering, and technology.

VTS is one the largest and most prestigious technical schools in the country, with an enrolment of over 9,500 students.

A new online course was launched on the VTS website last month to introduce new learners to the school and provide the opportunity for them to explore its history and the schools curriculum.

VTS students will also be able to access the VSC, an online course that will take students from across the country and beyond, as well as a new curriculum for those with special needs.

The course is set to launch in early 2018.

A few of the topics that are to be covered include: The history of VTS, from its inception in 1966 to today.

The school’s history, teaching and history, and its current focus on technology.

Why and how the VTC was created.

An overview of the school’s curriculum and the students who take it.

What the VTP has to offer, and what is its future?


What does it mean to be a VTS student?

How many VTS students do you have in your class?

The VTS curriculum is unique in that it focuses on the history and teaching of a single student.

This means that the school has the ability to teach students from all different backgrounds and backgrounds in one classroom.

It also means that students can learn more about their own individual lives, their families and their communities, without being forced to attend the same school as others.

If you are looking to learn more, check out the VTech course and register for the VTF course.