A Christian technical school in Perth has been condemned for its ‘anti ‘bullying program’ which includes a video of students yelling at each other and encouraging their classmates to do the same.

The Christian Technical College (CTC) in Perth says the video was taken after students went on a ‘bully spree’ and ‘made an effort to push others around’.

It has since been removed from YouTube and replaced with a message which says: “In the interests of fairness, this video does not contain any content which may be considered to be offensive, discriminatory or harmful to anyone”.

“As part of the university’s anti-bullied initiative, CTC has created a curriculum which includes an anti-bully training session, a class on bullying and the creation of an anti bullying policy,” it said.

“As a result, students will have the opportunity to take part in this anti bullying activity for free.”CTC has been in the news in recent months for allegedly censoring anti-gay views.

The school has been criticised for being ‘anti gay’ for the video.

“A few weeks ago we were invited to speak at a conference on anti bullying, and as we left, the conference director asked the students to come up and say a few words to the conference and then leave.”

They went up to the stage and spoke to a couple of us, and then said, ‘It’s really disappointing to see you guys so aggressive in your support for the anti-queer movement’,” CTC president and chief executive Paul Johnson said.”[We] were told that the conference was for students to learn about anti-Queer and homophobic culture, not students to be bullied.

“The school said in a statement that it had been “forced to apologise” after it was made aware of the incident.”

The content in question was in no way the intent of the conference,” it read.”CTC will ensure that this content is never repeated in future.

“It is our hope that this incident will be a catalyst for the development of more positive social change.”

The CTC was the subject of a scathing editorial in The Courier Mail last week, calling the school’s anti bullying program ‘anti queer’.

“The school’s own ‘Anti Queer’ policy is clearly anti gay,” the article said.

The Courier Mail’s editorial, published on Wednesday, called for the school to withdraw its anti-LGBTQ policy.CTC had previously been criticised by the Christian Institute of WA for the “aggressive” anti-homosexuality and anti-Semitic propaganda.

“This video is not only offensive, it is also harmful to students who are in the process of learning about and supporting the anti homophobic movement,” the school said.

It said it was “deeply sorry” for the incident and was “troubled” by the criticism.

“We are deeply committed to diversity and equality and will continue to strive for that,” the statement said.

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