Willstown, N.J. — The new school, a $4 million facility designed by architect David Morwell and built for high school students, will be the first high school in the U.S. to offer technical and vocational education.

Morwell designed the high school with the help of former President Barack Obama, who signed the high-tech education bill in 2013, and it is the first public high school to offer both programs.

Morman said the school will provide students with the same opportunity as the public school system, which provides vocational training and technical skills to many of the students it serves.

It is the same way that the National Institutes of Health provides medical students and other students in the biomedical field with specialized training.

Morland High School, located in Morwell, New Jersey, is the fifth-largest school in New Jersey and the second-largest in the nation, according to its website.

The school opened in October 2017 and seats about 2,500 students.

The new school has about 8,000 students, but students can also transfer to other schools, such as Morwell High School.

Morfield has the fifth highest concentration of students in New York City, according, and Morwell is a magnet school.

The number of students is lower than other schools because students come from a variety of backgrounds and socioeconomic backgrounds, Morwell Principal Robert Hock said.

The school has been accredited by the New York State Board of Education, which is one of the largest accrediting agencies in the country.

The program has been successful for students in Morland High, Hock added.

They are learning from experts and they are gaining the skills needed to be able to perform in the real world, he said.

Morrell’s design includes a gymnasium, basketball courts, classrooms and a basketball court.

It has a basketball hoop and a pool area, which Morwell has made available for students to use, Hocks said.

The gymnasia also has a ping-pong table, ping-board, a computer lab and an indoor and outdoor playing field.

The Morwell school has more than 2,000 computer science, engineering, computer science and math students, Hocker said.

Morwell students also receive the same kind of education as students in Willstown High School: a summer program, summer jobs, and internships.

Morway High students also can earn certificates in computer science.

The program is a part of the university’s master’s program in education and the masters program in educational technology and administration is a major component of the school’s curriculum, Hocking said.

Students who have attended Morwell or Willstown can transfer to Morwell’s other schools to earn a certificate in a field that includes technical fields.

The Morwell program is designed for students who are interested in engineering or science, but can also work in other fields, Hlock said.