An educator at a Texas high-school graduation ceremony has been fired after he posted a video on Facebook of students celebrating a graduation with a Confederate flag.

The Waco News-Herald reports that school principal Brandon Stoll posted the video on the school’s social media account.

The video was later taken down.

It appears the school fired the educator on Friday.

Stoll said he was upset about the video and was shocked to see it.

“It was something I wanted to talk about.

I think it was a little disrespectful,” Stoll said.

Strol said he and other administrators called the high school’s superintendent to express their displeasure.

“The superintendent was very upset.

She called me, and she’s a little upset about it, but she said it was not the intent of her to do anything about it,” Strol said.”

I don’t know what’s in that video,” Stoller added.”

We’re a school and we’re a community.

We want to teach, we want to have fun, we’re all about that.

So, it was something that we wanted to take down,” he said.

The video was shot in January.

The principal, who also works at a local high school, apologized and said he’s not ashamed of his actions.

He also apologized for the way he handled the situation.

“That was my mistake.

I didn’t understand how you would respond to something like that.

I apologize,” Stol said.

Students at Brown Technical School said they were disappointed to hear of the firing.

“Not sure what to make of this, but it doesn’t surprise me,” student Ashley Rios said.

“We’re not here to be disrespectful.

We’re here to learn, and this is the school that we are here to attend.”

The school has not issued any statement on the matter.