Polygon has asked the Japanese tech school where each school is located to share the most advanced technology in its schools.

Here’s what we learned:▼Kanazawa Technical College▼Miezumi Technical College: Japan’s best technical school with an innovative design and academic philosophy▼Tsukuba Technical School▼Kyokushin-ki Technical School: Japan is home to the world’s top software companies▼Odense Technical School■The best in the world with top technology and education in Japan.▼Nihon Mitsukuni Technical University: Japan has a reputation for high tech education, and this school has a special focus on innovation▼Hakusho Technical School:- Japan’s only technology college with a dedicated focus on research and development.▲Tokyo Technical University (TU): Japan’s leading technology college.△Miezzumoto Technical University, which has over 3,000 students in all disciplines.▴Hokkaido Technical University▲The country’s leading university for electronics and robotics.▵Kanajiroganbashi Technical College, Japan’s oldest and most prestigious technical college.

The best tech school in Japan, but it is not without its problems▼Eugene Technical College was the first in Japan to adopt a hybrid school-tech program with a mix of science and technology.

It’s currently known as the “Eugenspace” program, which is based on both science and math.▸A high school in Tokyo.

The best tech schools are all located within a single district, but many are spread across smaller towns, cities, or villages.