Kolkata:The State Government has agreed to get a new set of equipment and staff from the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) for the first of its new ISRO Technology Schools.

The ISRO has been getting equipment from other countries including France and Germany for the past few years.

The new equipment, called the ‘Effortless Systems’, will be installed in the first two ISRO Tech Schools in Kolkatas Science and Technology (ST&T) and Engineering College.

The ST&T campus in Kalinga is one of the oldest and largest ST&Ts in India.

The second ISRO ST&TC campus, in Bengaluru, is the first in the country to be set up in India as a part of the ISRO Global Campus.

It will be built on a larger scale with a total capacity of 3.5 lakh students and 4,000 teachers, according to ISRO.

The next stage of the project is the construction of the second ISRTC campus in Mumbai.

The state government has set a target of achieving a quality-of-life improvement of students and teachers of the two schools, ISRO Chairman and CEO K.R. Bansal said.

The new equipment will be a major milestone in this process.

The Government has also announced a grant of Rs 3 crore for the ISRTS in the new technology schools, to help them start improving their students and staff.

The grants will be in addition to existing grants and scholarships given under the ISPRT programme.