Bergen Technical School in Norway is about to give graduates the ability to graduate without having to go through any college-level work.

The university announced Wednesday that its graduate program is going into effect at the end of April.

The goal is to offer graduates with bachelor’s degrees with no more than three years of post-secondary education. 

The Bergen Technological University has the distinction of being the first university in the world to offer the program. 

“The goal is that we can offer the graduates with post-graduate work in three years,” Kristian Sørensen, the president of the university, said. 

It will be up to each graduate to decide whether they want to pursue the degree program, or enroll in a program that requires them to take the same college coursework, which is usually four years. 

If they decide to take it, they’ll get a certificate that will be valid for a minimum of three years.

But if they decide not to take a degree and continue their education, they can return to school in the same semester as the certificate. 

For some students, that’s going to be a huge challenge. 

They’re going to have to finish a degree within a certain period of time. 

At the same time, the university said it has no plans to force its graduates to go to a school that is accredited by a third-party, which requires them take the college courses. 

While the program is a big step forward, it’s not a completely new approach.

It is one of the first in Norway to offer a graduate program without going through a university-level program.

But the university says that it doesn’t expect it to be the last. 

Earlier this year, another university in Norway announced that its graduates would be able to graduate from the program without having any college experience at all. 

So far, it is the only one in the Nordic country that offers a graduate-level course without the need for college credits.

The school said in a statement Wednesday that it wants to offer all graduates with a bachelor’s degree with no less than three to four years of college experience a degree certificate that can be valid in two to three years, and the certificate will be recognized by the university. 

Some people are hoping the program will encourage people to get into a career in technology rather than into other fields. 

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