Bairnsden school students will be required to stay home from home for up to two weeks during the coronavirus pandemic to prevent them from developing symptoms of COVID – but it is not clear how many will actually have the condition.

The Queensland Health Department says it has advised students to stay away from schools where there is a pandemic as the outbreak is spreading to other areas.

The state’s Health Department is also warning students to avoid using public transport for two weeks following a report the state’s health services have been overwhelmed by coronaviruses.

Bairnsdown, a high school, will be closed for up a week from Monday until April 6 and students will have to go home to school on Tuesday.

“We’re going to be taking a very strong view of this because we’re not going to have any school on Monday,” Health Minister Nick Hazzard said on Monday.

“Schools have to be closed in the next two weeks to make sure that students have all the necessary support.”

I think that the people that have the flu, for example, can go home, they can stay home and do their homework.

“Hazzard also announced the Queensland Health Service would be providing a helpline for parents to report any symptoms of the coronabirus, such as coughing, sneezing and fever.

Students at the Bairn’sdale, Morwell and Rockland technical schools will also have to stay indoors for up.”

Parents can call the Bairsdale School for a referral to a doctor if they have any symptoms or any concern that they might have for their children,” Hazzards office said.

He said the Bainsdale school will remain open as a full school until the pandemic is over.

He warned people to get vaccinated and said the state was working closely with the federal government and health authorities to distribute immunisation kits.

The Department of Health said the pandemics have not been spreading as fast as anticipated and that it was providing support for schools to maintain normal operations.