A technical college (or university) is a higher education institution that trains and educates people to be engineers, scientists, and other technical professions.

A technical university (or technical college) is an accredited higher education university that trains people to become scientists, engineers, and others technical professions, and is often referred to as a technology school.

A computer science major at a technical or technical college is a college major.

Both technical schools and technical universities require the completion of a degree program that focuses on specific areas of research and teaching.

The distinction between technical colleges and technical university programs varies depending on the state in which you live.

Some states, such as California, require students to complete an undergraduate degree program at a university and have a technical degree at the same time.

Other states, like New York, allow students to take both technical college and technical program at the university, and students have the option to combine the two.

A major in computer science at a college of any kind requires a bachelor’s degree.

A degree in computer engineering requires a master’s degree in engineering.

Both of these degrees require students and graduates to take a set of specific courses.

In addition, many technical colleges offer an accelerated program that provides students with additional time to complete courses in a specific area of interest.

The following chart gives you a sense of what your options are if you want to pursue a career in technology or computer science.