Technologists from the Toronto Technical School have created a $25,000 company called Technological Consulting Group.

They’ve been working with the city to raise $50 million to create a technology company that would be based in the Toronto suburb of Toronton, and have plans to build a research facility in the region.

“This is a dream we’ve had for a very long time,” said co-founder and president Joe Dominguez.

“I think that this will be a game changer.”

The company is looking to be profitable by the time the funding is secured.

Technological Consultancy Group (TCG) has been operating since 2011 and Domingue said he’s seen more than 100 companies that have taken advantage of the city’s tech sector.

They are looking for investors to help the company raise the $25 million, which is expected to come from investors including the Ontario Technology Centre (OTC) and the Canadian Investment Bank.

Technologic Consulting Group is an e-commerce software startup that has raised $25M from Toronto-based technology firm E-Bay.

It has offices in Toronto and the United States.

Domingues company says that it plans to have a “big, beautiful facility” to build out its technology in the first half of next year.

He said that Techlogy, the company’s other location, has been the best of the two locations for the startup.

“We’re looking to build that facility and the facilities we’ve built, and that will be an incubator, not just a lab,” said Dominges co-founders John and Sarah Seltzer.

“And we’re looking at that facility, Techlogys location, and we’re also looking to expand that facility to a manufacturing facility.”

Domingez said that the company is seeking investors for its initial public offering, which will be held in the third quarter of 2018.

The company plans to use a mixture of technology, retail and software to help develop products.

“In our view, we’re going to have to be a platform for retail, a platform to help us connect with manufacturers, and a platform of software and hardware,” said Seltzers co-author.

The team says they have received funding from the Canadian Technology Centre, the Ontario Investment Bank, the University of Toronto and some private capital.

“It’s going to be like the Silicon Valley of the Canadian tech sector,” said John Seltzinger.

“Toronto is home to a lot of great tech talent, and I’m sure it will be exciting to see the growth and the change.” “

The city of Toronto has a great opportunity to be one of the most innovative and most exciting places in the world,” said Peter Domingoz, co-CEO of Technologic Consultancy.

“Toronto is home to a lot of great tech talent, and I’m sure it will be exciting to see the growth and the change.”

The Seltzes hope that the funding will enable them to open their facility to the public and develop products to sell in the city.

The Toronto Tech Lab is looking for potential investors to bring technology jobs and support to the city and will also be open to tech start-ups and other industries that might be looking for technology support.