New Jersey Tech students are taking their technical driving skills to the next level with a test in the hope of becoming more tech savvy.

The state’s Technical College is holding its annual Driver Education Certification (DISC) program for new students.

Students who pass the exam will earn a bachelor’s degree in technical engineering and one in a career in technical arts, according to the Department of Technology.

The department will be looking for candidates who have completed the DISC exam and who have at least one semester of driving experience.

The DISC is a one-time exam that is taken once every two years.

Students who have already passed the DISCs Driver Education Certificate Program are eligible to take the next step and receive an Associate’s Degree in Technical Education from NJIT.

They must pass the test to earn their Associate’s degree.

Students may complete the test online or at the DISCA location.

The state has also developed a website that will provide the required materials to complete the exam, including course materials, a list of approved test takers, and a brief video tutorial.