Wired’s Mark Gurman has the scoop on what we can expect when Google and the rest of the tech industry unveil their new “speaker” products on September 5.

Gurman is reporting on what is being called a “special” product: the “speakers” Google and Facebook are calling the “smart speakers” (SVPs) they are touting as a key component of the next wave of smart speaker technologies.

While the name sounds like a direct reference to the Google Pixel, which the company is calling the new “next big thing,” Google is making this a bit more specific, explaining that the new SVPs will be “part of our next wave” of speakers.

The new “sounds” will be built using “acoustics that are the same, yet completely different.”

They will be made “with a new type of speaker technology that will allow us to deliver a speaker that’s truly a speaker for the human body, as opposed to a device that’s just a speaker.”

The new speakers will be called the “Google SVP” or the “SVP” by Google, and they will be the “next-generation” of speaker tech.

It is possible that Google has the SVP in mind for the Pixel, the company’s upcoming $1,000 smartphone that is expected to use a new speaker tech called the Audeze chip.

It also sounds like Google is planning to introduce more speakers with the Auteze chip, which Google’s VP of marketing has confirmed is in development.

Google’s previous “smart speaker” products have relied heavily on “acoustic components” that use special materials to create the sounds the speaker makes.

The Audez chip, according to Google, is a different kind of speaker that uses “accelerometers, gyroscopes, ultrasound sensors, and more to create a more accurate sound experience.”

It will be important to see what kind of hardware Google is building to support this new SPMech, as Gurman says that the company has no official timeline for the device yet.