Lowell, MA—Kaynor Technical College and Technical High school students have passed a test of their mathematical skills, as part of a statewide effort to boost the math skills of students.

The Kaynor College of Technology, which serves the state’s southern suburbs, is hosting a series of test-takers in two schools for the next two weeks.

The students will also be asked to use mathematical skills in math classes, and the results of the test will be used to help plan a future career path.

“I think this is a great opportunity for the students to show off their math skills and get to know what the world looks like with the tools they’re going to need to compete in the global economy,” said Kaynor college President and CEO Greg Osterberg.

The test is part of the national Mathematical Competency Initiative, a national initiative that seeks to increase the math knowledge of high school students in order to help prepare them for jobs and college, according to a press release from the Kaynor Community College System.

The state has over 2,000 high schools, and Kaynor has more than 1,500.

In a video produced by the Kayor Community College system, students demonstrate how to use math skills.

Students take a few steps forward and then are shown how to perform an action using a calculator.

Afterward, they repeat the action using the same tool.

A second round of testing is planned for June.