Mercer Technical School in Columbus, Ohio, offers a new program that uses software development to teach students the skills needed to excel in computer science and engineering.

The program was developed by a team led by Mercer Engineering School faculty member Kevin Murphy, and has been accepted into the school’s Graduate School of Computer Science and Engineering.

“We have had a long history of students who have been successful in the fields of software engineering and computer science,” Murphy told NBC News.

“We wanted to bring that experience to the school, so we could help students develop their skills and then help them get better at what they’re doing.

The programs at Mercer are very different than what we’ve seen at other schools, but it’s a great opportunity to help students learn how to do this work.”

To get a taste of the program, NBC News visited the Mercer Technology Learning Center, which offers a small classroom in a dark and cramped space in the basement of Mercer’s engineering school.

The space, which is in a large building on the grounds, was designed by the architecture firm Bjarke Ingels Group, which specializes in building office spaces for large companies.

The room is equipped with four computer stations and a large projector, and seats six students in a small room.

The Mercer team began by putting together a class called Software Development Skills.

The course was designed to help people become more comfortable with coding, so Murphy and the other Mercer students began by learning about the programming language Java.

They then learned about object-oriented programming, using Java to design a program that creates a spreadsheet, which they could use to create a custom website.

Murphy then started teaching students how to create applications using Java and Python.

The Mercer Tech Learning Center offers a range of software development classes throughout the year, including an introductory class for anyone interested in programming.

The second course, Software Development Concepts, focused on the fundamentals of computer programming.

It covered the basics of how to use Java, how to program with the C programming language, how the C language works, and how to write a simple web page.

The class also covered concepts of concurrency and the garbage collector, which Murphy said is essential to learning how to code.

“Most students will never learn how the garbage collection works,” he said.

“But this class helps students understand how the compiler and garbage collector work and how they can apply that knowledge to the program they create.”

The third course, Designing Software, gave students a solid foundation in designing software.

Murphy and his team used a combination of design concepts and design techniques to develop a basic prototype.

The project was completed in a few weeks, and students were able to move on to the next course, a hands-on programming class called The Art of Programming.

This class is more of a hands on project, so the team made sure to keep students engaged.

The team also took a look at a number of popular languages to see what they could teach students about how to build apps in these languages.

The final class, The Art Of Web Development, taught students about the principles of web development, from coding the perfect landing page to developing a web app that would be accessible from multiple devices.

Murphy said the program has been successful so far.

“I think the program is a fantastic way to help new students develop and solidify their coding skills,” he told NBC.

“A lot of the students have really been really good at this.”