Technical school students may need to be more careful when searching for a school, said Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke.

The county is now offering free online courses to help people find an online school that they can attend, Clarke said.

Students in the area are being asked to use the free online classes to search on school and technical search terms.

Clarke said there are about 20 schools that are participating in the program, and the search tool will be updated to include all the schools that will be participating.

He said he will work to make sure the search will work in all areas of the county, but said some districts might have issues finding the online schools.

In addition, Clarke has launched an online search for the Wisconsin Technical School System, which offers online training for teachers and students.

The search tool was created by Google and will be up for two weeks.

Clarke also said that if you find a school that you think might be a good option, you can register for a free course and then pay $20 a day for an additional 10 hours of online classes.

“We’re trying to find ways to give back and make sure there’s an online learning environment in every school district, and we want to make that available,” Clarke said in a statement.