Posted June 24, 2019 06:04:16 The top three colleges in the state are all in the top 25 of the national rankings, according to the Commonwealth’s rankings of the best and the worst schools.

Junior and senior technical schools ranked as top 25 in the new Commonwealth rankings are:Virginia Tech, Virginia Tech-McKinney, Virginia Commonwealth, George Mason.

These are the schools with the best rankings in the country:George Mason, George Washington, University of Virginia, UVA, Virginia University.

The three worst ranked schools in Virginia are Virginia Commonwealth and University of North Carolina, which are ranked 19th and 22nd, respectively.

The top three schools in North Carolina are UNC Wilmington, Elon University, and the University of Central Florida.

The Commonwealth rankings show North Carolina has the fourth highest proportion of black and minority students.

That number is about the same as the U.S. average.

North Carolina has about the second-highest proportion of students who are economically disadvantaged.

It also has the second highest proportion who have an undergraduate degree.

In Virginia, the proportion is lower, at about 27%.

The Commonwealth also ranks Virginia Tech as the nation’s most selective university, with the sixth-highest percentage of students with a 4.0 GPA.

It also has a high percentage of black students, with about 31% of its student body being black.

The university is one of the most racially diverse in the nation, with a median black student body of 19% and a white student body with 20%.

North Carolina is also one of three states that allow same-sex couples to wed, the others being Washington, D.C., and Utah.

The state has a higher percentage of residents living below the poverty line, which is 17.9%, compared with 16.6% nationally.