Spokane Technical schools have long been a magnet for students, with a wide range of academic programs.

In recent years, though, those schools have been increasingly focusing on crossword puzzles.

Now, in a new article, KATUs Technology School says Spokane is poised to become the next hotbed for crossword puzzle makers.KATUs technology school is not the only one planning to tap into the growing market of puzzle makers, however.

In June, another KATUSA technical school in Spokane unveiled a new interactive app called KATW.

This app lets students and teachers solve puzzles with their own crosswords and a variety of puzzles from other disciplines.

The app’s creator, KATHRYN MURRAY, said KATWs crossword game was inspired by the recent release of a new version of the crossword app PuzzlePoker, which allows students to enter questions on the phone to solve puzzles.

“We wanted to bring a game to kids that’s fun, accessible, and really, really useful,” Murphy said.

The crossword was the inspiration for the new app.KATHRYn MURLEY, co-founder and creative director of KATUS Technology School, said the crosswords puzzle was inspired from the recent update of PuzzlePok.

The app uses the same technology, and the new game also has a lot of the same puzzles as PuzzlePoke.

Kathryn Murphy, co founder and creative creator of KATHREYN MURRRAY, says the new puzzle game, KAPL, was inspired after the release of PuzzlePeak.

Murphy said she started making crosswords with the idea that they could be a great way for teachers to connect with their students and to teach them something that they can use to solve crossword-related problems.

“A lot of them can’t remember what they were doing at school before they started working at KATUM,” Murphy told KATUR.

“But now it’s just fun to solve them.”

In a statement to KATV, KOTSU said that “KAPL is a crossword puzzler, like many other crossword games.

Players can select any of a series of puzzles to solve, which may be of different difficulty levels.”KATUS also says that it plans to launch an app for teachers that will allow students to take the puzzles to the next level.