Technicians in the Technicians’ Technical Schools (TSS) in Tel Aviv have begun streaming a series of educational programs to their students in the hope of helping them earn their degrees.

The streams will be available on the TSS website, on the school’s official channel, and in Hebrew.

The TSS, which is in the process of relocating to the country’s northern Galilee, has long struggled with budget constraints.

According to the Ministry of Education, its annual budget was about $3 million.

The organization says it is also struggling to keep up with rising tuition fees.

The streamers, however, have no intention of going under.

“We don’t have any budget issues,” said Zvi Kogut, the Tss’ director of communications.

“Our goal is to keep the students’ education alive and to help them earn an advanced degree in a country that is still a new country to them.

We hope that we can do that with a high quality educational experience.”

The streamers have enlisted the help of a group of tech entrepreneurs.

The group includes Kobi Cohen, a founding member of the Israeli tech scene, who helped to create the TASK software, which has since become the default video app in Israel.

“I am really excited to be here in Tel-Aviv.

I’ve always been fascinated by technology, but I’m here because the country is so young and it’s so hard to get good education,” Cohen said.

“This project is a huge step in the right direction.”

The stream will include the students learning from an experienced tech educator, who will give the students a guided tour of the school, and provide tips on what to watch and what not to watch.

“It’s like having a guided trip to the museum,” said Kogot.

The TSS will also have a booth in the school for parents to introduce their children to the program.

The students will also receive information on a number of tech startups, including Fetch, an app that provides a virtual tour of a number in a specific field.

The program is open to anyone with an Internet connection, including students who live outside the country.

At the moment, the streamers are not accepting applications.

“They need to get the word out to the community first, because the stream is coming up in a few days,” said the Tossi, a mother of two.

“There are so many students from different backgrounds who are looking for the same kind of educational experience.

I’m really excited that the stream will help them to achieve their dreams.”