The first man to own a smartphone and the most influential American entrepreneur since Steve Jobs.

Bill Gates and his wife, Penny, have become symbols of the digital revolution.

A couple who made their fortune by selling software that allowed millions of people to access information and share it with one another, they became icons of the technology revolution.

Gates, 81, and his longtime partner, Steve Jobs, 76, have been the most famous entrepreneurs in America for more than half a century, but their rise to fame and fortune was also a milestone in a century of changing fortunes for the world’s richest people.

Groups and individuals around the world are celebrating the billionaires who became the richest men on the planet as part of the Billionaires’ March.

Bill and Penny Gates are the two richest men in the world.

They own more than $1 trillion worth of assets.

The couple have built a private company called Microsoft, where Gates owns a stake.

Their net worth is more than six times that of the combined wealth of the top 10 billionaires.

The Gateses have a long history of philanthropy, donating millions of dollars each year to causes such as cancer research and women’s rights.

In 2014, they gave away $5 million to the Clinton Global Initiative.

They are the first couple in history to hold both a Nobel Prize and the title of the richest person in the United States, according to Forbes.

Gangs of hackers and foreign spies have been responsible for hundreds of attacks on American companies.

Giles Pritzker, who is now a member of President Donald Trump’s cabinet, has praised Gates and Jobs for making the world a safer place.

He has said they helped secure the world from the worst threats.

“Their work is something that really matters to us, to our kids, to the next generation, and that is worth remembering,” Pritzkers spokesman, Chris Smith, told reporters on Tuesday.

Gains and losses:Bill Gates has been the biggest loser in the technology industry over the last 30 years.

Gates, the founder of Microsoft, the worlds largest software company, lost $9.5 billion in his lifetime.

It was the largest loss for an individual investor and was the biggest one for a tech company, according a Forbes report published in 2018.

Gears and Jobs had a more complicated life story.

Both were born in the same city in the 1950s, the city of Seattle.

Bill was the fourth of five children of a pair of engineers who were teachers and administrators.

They both went to private schools and graduated from the University of Washington in 1957.

Their parents divorced in 1960, and Bill went to work for the U.S. Navy as a software engineer.

They returned to Seattle and started the Gates-Jobs-led Microsoft.

They built a company called Windows and built a business that would eventually become the world�s biggest computer company, which in turn would become the largest private employer.

Bill had a love of technology.

He developed an operating system, the PC, that allowed anyone to run programs that ran on a computer.

It�s the single biggest reason Bill Gates is the richest man in the U: the software he created made computers more accessible to the masses.

But it was the company�s Internet service that would become so critical to their success.

When Bill sold the company to Microsoft in 1995, it sold its core Internet service, called CenturyLink, to a company controlled by a Chinese businessman who had a personal stake in it.

The deal was controversial at the time because CenturyLink was a rival to Comcast, which owned NBCUniversal and the cable and satellite television companies that were the major players in the Internet.

Microsoft’s Web browser became the default in more than 70% of U..

S.-based homes in 2000.

The company was the world leader in Internet usage and in 2005 had the world most popular browser.

Microsoft was able to maintain its dominant position because the Internet service had a large market share in the country.

As Internet usage grew, so did Microsoft�s share of the market, according the report by Forbes.

The Internet service has been an economic engine for the Gateses since their days as teachers and school administrators.

In the mid-1990s, Gates became one of the first people in the history of the U, and the world, to own and operate a major technology company.

He also built the Internet company that became the world first to offer access to a large number of people at a relatively low cost.

The first Windows operating system was released in 1995 and the company was one of Microsoft�t biggest customers.

Microsoft now makes about half the computers in the entire world.

It has also grown enormously in the past two decades, becoming the most valuable technology company in the global economy.

In 2017, Microsoft surpassed Apple as the world number one Internet company.

Its continued success in the industry and in particular the Internet is partly attributed to the success of the Gates family.

Gates is credited with inventing the