Mercer technical college graduates Anthony and Jennifer Mercer are both electricians who started the Electrician’s Career Institute in order to give their skills back to their communities.

The Mercer family say their business is a small one but they hope to help other families get the same career opportunities.

“It is hard to think of any job that has been more difficult than a working electrician and we know we have to change that and make sure we have the right skills to support our family and keep our home going,” Anthony Mercer said.

The family have been running the Electricians Career Institute since 2015 and have had over 150 graduates on their staff.

“We were overwhelmed by the amount of support from our community.

We want to make sure they get the right education and to keep them here and give them the confidence to continue their education.

They want to help others and be a part of our community and I think we need to be a good example,” Jennifer Merced said.”

We have seen a lot of people wanting to do that and to get a job that they want to do.

They want to help others and be a part of our community and I think we need to be a good example,” Jennifer Merced said.

Anthony Mercer has been running an electrician’s career institute for three years and he says the family hope the electrician profession is a good place to start their careers.

“I think it is really important that they have the skills to go into their field, and we want to give them that and also give them confidence in what they want, and make it a place where they can go out and start a business that will hopefully be a successful one,” Anthony said.

“What we have seen is that the demand for people to be electricians has been going up in the country, and I feel like the electricians profession is just a good fit to do,” Anthony added.

The electrician career institute is run by Anthony Merced, a Mercer graduate who has worked at Mercer and Edison technical schools for three decades.

He said the school has helped about 300 people go into the electric field.

“The number one thing that we hear about electricians in the community is that they are a very hard working profession, and that they do a lot for the community.”

So we do the job that we do because we believe in that, and what we do is we try to support them as best we can,” Anthony told ABC News 24.

Anthony said the Electric Career Institute was just one of many ways he and his family were helping people get jobs that will enable them to continue on their journey.”

There are many jobs that are out there for electricians, so I think the first thing that people should think about is, is it really a good job to be an electricians apprentice, or to be someone who can help with a roof, or someone who will be helping with maintenance, so we have a number of things to offer people,” Anthony explained.”

For many people it is a really hard choice between what they do at home, or at work, or whether they do their homework or what they eat, or how they live their life,” Anthony continued.”

People will look at all of those options, and there are many of those jobs that can help them to get the education they need, and to be able to help in the future.