A new online learning platform that allows students to upload their homework and courses and collaborate online has opened its doors in the Indian city of Bengaluru. 

Bengaluru is set to become the first Indian city to use the platform.

The platform, called CCC Tech, is aimed at helping students with their online learning.

CCC Tech has been in beta for the past two years and now has 500,000 users in India.

Bengals students can now upload their assignments and learn from teachers around the world.

It allows students who have no Internet access to get help with their homework online and collaborate with them.

While the platform is based on a cloud-based platform, the instructors will have access to the students’ homework and course files from the local server.

The instructor can choose to help students with any problem or problem-solving technique.

A new learning portal, CCC, has been launched in Bengaluru, India.

A new portal, called CCC, was launched in Bangalore, India.(Representational Image)CCC has been developed by Gadgets and Software Development Limited.

“The students will collaborate and create their own online learning content,” a spokesperson for the Bengaluru-based company told The Hindu.

“We will help them create their homework assignments, learn from them and collaborate.

In the future, we want to bring this to other cities, so we want people to be able to share their assignments with each other, even if they are in different cities.”

Bengalis who want to collaborate online will need to register their name with CCC before the project opens.

After the registration process, the online platform will provide the instructor with access to a large repository of information on the assignments and courses students have completed.

The learning portal is also expected to be a hub for students from other parts of the world to collaborate.

The Bengaluru platform is currently in beta, but the company is aiming to launch it by the end of this month. 

CNC Tech has around 1,400 students enrolled across six colleges and universities across Bengaluru and several other cities.