Which school in Queensland has the best teaching skills?

By Brian PohladThe Queensland Government is set to make significant changes to the way schools are funded in the wake of a scathing report that found the state’s teaching system was failing to meet standards.The damning report by independent education consultant, Professor David Eakin, was published on Thursday.Professor Eakin found the Queensland Government had not […]

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Why a college degree is good for you

It’s a long story, but the fact that you can get a four-year college degree doesn’t mean that you will graduate with the knowledge and skills that you need to be successful in your job.In fact, a college education could be detrimental to your future.The fact is, a four year college degree can be a […]

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The jobs for tech workers in Jackson, MS

The tech jobs are getting better, and the jobs in Jackson have become even better, according to the Jackson Technical School’s latest recruiting video.The video, released Tuesday, shows the school’s engineering department looking for people who will be in the IT field and working remotely.The school’s tech hiring team is looking for candidates with bachelor’s […]

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When a Pennsylvania high school shuts down for two days, a student with a passion for welding says he can’t wait to return to school

By Jessica BortonPublished November 01, 2017 05:12:56 A Pennsylvania high-school engineering school has canceled classes for two weeks to deal with the shutdown of its campus because of a flu pandemic.“I’m going to go home to Easton, Pennsylvania and I’ll be home in a few days,” freshman Josh Brown told WLBT-TV.“And I’m going back to […]

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How to make a $50,000 tech startup

Technologists from the Toronto Technical School have created a $25,000 company called Technological Consulting Group.They’ve been working with the city to raise $50 million to create a technology company that would be based in the Toronto suburb of Toronton, and have plans to build a research facility in the region.“This is a dream we’ve had […]

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What to expect at Phoenix Technical School

Phoenix Technical is set to host a game between a Phoenix Technical College team and a Northern Arizona University team.Phoenix Technical, located about 20 miles south of Phoenix, is a private, not-for-profit, not for profit school that is known for its innovative and high quality technical programs.The school has been accredited by the American Association […]

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